The Magnolia Road Internet Cooperative (MRIC) is a community of local residents bringing high speed Internet access to areas west of Boulder, Colorado including Sugarloaf, Magnolia, Coal Creek Canyon, Nederland's Ridge Road, and Boulder's Lakeshore neighborhoods.

MRIC Nears 10th Anniversary

The Coop’s original goal was to provide 125 Kbps to friends and neighbors along Magnolia Road who had no other options for high speed Internet, and this has now been left far behind. Two years ago our long-term target was to consistently provide speeds of 1 Mbps to every member, and now 5 Mbps is our goal for the medium term. We have been requesting proposals from a number of suppliers, including one plan to run fiber cables along the Peak to Peak Hwy. Last spring we were able to increase MRIC’s total network bandwidth from 13 Mbps to 50 Mbps.

A year ago the first 25 Mbps wireless link became operational and we began moving portions of the network onto it. In September our second 25 Mbps wireless link was in place and by the end of September we had the entire network off the old T1 lines. Both these wireless links to our upstream provider have a potential to provide significantly greater bandwidth capacity. First we at MRIC need to upgrade our internal network to be able to take advantage of this additional bandwidth. Occasionally there have been outages originating with our service provider that have brought the entire network down and these events have caused us to actively pursue finding additional suppliers.

After we completed moving the network to these new sources of supply, we began working on our internal infrastructure and the various wireless links that connect MRIC’s 15 POP locations. There have recently been some dramatic improvements in wireless technology that have helped to bring down the cost of equipment, while increasing the bandwidth that each individual radio can handle. We have made upgrades to these interconnecting links at 6 locations and hope to complete the upgrading of the remaining links by the end of the year.

Before we switched to our new upstream links MRIC had already started to install new Access Point equipment using Motorola’s Canopy line of products, employing a wireless frequency that was less crowded than the 2.4 GHz which is commonly used in home wireless installations. While this gear has given many members a much better connection than before, it did require the purchase of new equipment that was more than twice the cost per radio of the older types.

With the new technology that is coming out, we have now begun to see additional options in 2.4 GHz radios that make them competitive with the Motorola products we began deploying. This gives us the ability to upgrade our current Access Point equipment, while allowing members the choice of upgrading, or continuing to use their current equipment. We have upgraded the Access Points at 5 of our locations with this new equipment and are comparing various aspects with the Canopy Access Points we were installing previously.

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  • There are currently no known network issues.
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